Creating a Valid Dating Profile

There are certain questions you should ask yourself as you begin to create your online dating profile. Below are some of the few and the reasons why you might want to ask yourself that question.

What characteristics do I have that separate me from everyone else? 
As you answer this question, hopefully you’ll be able to name certain attributes that not many people have. The key is to stand out from the thousands of other profiles – focusing on these characteristics might help attract more possible mates to your profile page.

How much do I want to share about my personal life? What type of details will I include about my family, friends, and past relationships?
Although online dating can be quite beneficial, some things should be left unsaid. Unfortunately, the internet isn't always as secure as we’d like; with that said some of your most private information shouldn't be shared until you meet your potential partner in person. Consider the actual details you’d like to share in your online profile; moreover, think of which details are relevant in finding a possible partner and which details are completely unrelated to dating. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best approach.

What are my relationship goals for this website?
Are you looking for a short-term relationship, someone who you can temporarily have fun with- or are you looking for a long-term partnership. We suggest you mention your relationship goals in your dating profile so that there’s no question in what you’re looking for.

What exactly have I learned from past relationships and how will things be different this time around?
This question is meant for reflection more than anything else. Just remember that patience is needed while dating online. Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of other people online, but finding someone who is compatible to your needs might take longer than expected. What is unique about my life story that I am willing to share with the public? Depending on how you answer the above questions, you’ll be able to single out your most positive attributes. Always focus on your positives never your negatives- your dating profile is a snapshot into your personality, your life & your goals.


What does he see on a first date?

Time and time again you’ve heard that men are from Mars while women are from Venus. It’s almost always true on every level. Although decoding the thoughts of a man could be quite strenuous, it’s been a truly enlightening experience because we’ve asked the guys in our office what they notice first on a first date. The tallies are counted and these are the results:

1. Physical appearance: this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Of course they’re going to notice your physical appearance or attractiveness first. There’s a reason why people say, “First impressions last forever,” it’s because… they do! You’ll want to look your best, wear your best, and depict absolute confidence in yourself.

2. Body language: first impression is done and over with, the next thing guys will tend to pick up on is your body language. They’ll be attempting to figure out whether or not you’re attracted to them, whether you’re completely focused on them and whether or not you’re interested in the date spot itself. A little hint to women who want to show their interest- give them a little smile of approval and stay off your phones.

3. Peer approval: they seem to notice whether or not any other man is also interested in you. Seems a bit unfair and highly superficial but it seems as though men value peer reviews. If other men seem impressed by you, chances are they’ve got someone special in their presence; on the other hand, if no one even takes a second look – what is it that you really have to offer him?! We beg to differ on this aspect, but we can’t argue with what we were told by the guys in our immediate vicinity.

4. Comparison to profile pictures: only applicable if you first met your date online. They’ll compare how accurate your profile pictures are to what you really look like in person. This will either make them think about how you’re so much more attractive in person then in photos or they’ll consider the fact that you must have some really good Photoshop skills. We suggest that recent, accurate photos of yourself should be the only ones you share online – it’s for instances like this. Why practically lie about your looks online when you’ll eventually have to meet? If the differences in your “online” self are overwhelmingly apparent, chances are this will be your first and only date with them.

5. Level of desperation: believe it or not, but a man can sense how desperate a woman is within the first couple minutes. Carry yourself with confidence, with value, and with undeniable significance – show them that you have respect for yourself & that you ask for respect from them in return. The last thing you want to be thought of on a date is desperate.

 First date or tenth date, all rules still apply. Remember this next time you’re in the middle of planning your next date night.


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